New Captain Yu Dabao’s testimony: No leave for three years, no one can refuse the national football

“New Captain” Yu Dabao’s testimony: No leave for three years, no one can refuse the national football
The national football team continues to train in Guangzhou today. Yu Dabao, one of the “new” captains, said in an interview that he will take on the responsibilities of the national team together with the other two captains Hao Junmin and Zhang Linpeng.Li Tie’s first national football team did not have the name of the old captain Zheng Zhi, and the selection of the national football captain has always been the focus of outside attention.Earlier today, coach Li Tie determined that Hao Junmin, Yu Dabao, and Zhang Linpeng were elected new captains.Yu Dabao is one of the most experienced players in the national football team.Photo / Osports “Maybe I was chosen before I was old.”The feeling of being elected, Yu Dabao joked with reporters, he continued,” It may be that the three of us have been in the national team for a long time, and hope that we can take responsibility, because the goals of the national team are very important.Yu Dabao is 31 years old and has played for the national team since 2010. Fuxing has played 59 games and scored 19 goals.At the East Asian Cup of the Air Force, Yu Dabao and Li Tie cooperated for the first time as an apprentice, and Li Tie was appointed as the first captain of the national selection team.Like Yu Dabao, the other two captains are over thirty years old.The 32-year-old Hao Junmin put on the national team jersey in 2005 and has now played 80 games, scoring 12 goals.He is also the first choice for captains on the national football team after Zheng Zhi faded out of the national team.30-year-old Zhang Linpeng was a little surprised to be elected. In the battle, he scored the “own goal” against Syria in the top 40.He has played for the national team since 2009 and has played 79 games so far, scoring 5 goals.Being elected captain, pressure and responsibility coexist.Yu Dabao said frankly, the team needs more unity, and the old players need to bear the responsibility of communicating with the players, “explain the usual requirements of the coach to everyone.Whether it is training or life, it is extremely very important.”From the 2017 East Asian Cup to the Asian Cup last year, Yu Dabao rarely missed the national team’s game. He lamented that he had no holidays for 3 years.But after being summoned by the national team, there is no reason to refuse, “Everyone will go all out to come here.The recruitment of the national team is a lifetime honor, and no one can refuse.Said Yu Dabao.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Chen Diyan