When Tom Hardy plays Capone, when can he tear off the label of Mumbling?

When Tom Hardy plays “Capone”, when can he tear off the label of “Mumbling”?
Marlon Brando in Docklands and Tom Hardy in Capone.”Capone” played online on May 12, the film is full of nervous to insanitary muttering lines, which will definitely make Tom Hardy, who plays Capone, exult, this is his strong point.For example, the “Secretly Calling the Police Late in the Night” scene, Capone: “I’m looking for the police, I think I might be kidnapped, I don’t know what happened, but they have weapons in their hands . I’m not me anymore .What is my name?I do n’t know either . I do n’t know anyone here either, I do n’t know . it ‘s like this, I live on a farm . No, I ‘m not on the farm, it ‘s in a house!I don’t know how it happened . I have to hang up.”Tom Hardy plays” Mumbling “legendary gang leader Capone in the film” Capone “.If Marlon Brando’s ambiguity in processing lines is trying to experience and trying to find out “Am I talking?The clear reason behind; and then to Robert De Niro, the classic interpretation of the impromptu self-explanatory line “Are you talking to me?””, The character portrayal is vivid and natural; and to Tom Hardy, he seems to be immersed in the sense of alienation he deliberately created, unable to extricate himself, and tortured himself to the air,” Who am I talking to? “”Of course, the so-called answer is not important to him.Tom Hardy, the star of “Capone” and “Venom”, has been practicing the “Brando Method” acting, but maybe the role he plays is not good at expressing his feelings, so it leaves a freak impression on the audienceIf he can sometimes restrain the iconic “murmur” performance, he may be far more popular than he is now. In other words, he will return to humanity.>>> Tom Hardy’s new film “Capone” releases a preview, and the streaming media Brando is on May 12 is a “murmured” show line acting ancestor. In the 1950s, “murmured” thisThe word is fixed on the name Marlon Brando for several reasons.Brando began with his first movie, “The Boy’s Character” in 1950, and brought a new naturalistic mode of performance, Methodism, to Hollywood. This revolutionary approach not only changed the film, but also changed it.The whole world. Those who are accustomed to hearing every actor in the movie say their conversation out loud cannot understand what Brando is saying.Brando plays Terry Malloy in “The Wharf.”In addition, Brando also played some roles that had never appeared in Hollywood movies before-the most famous is Terry Malloy in the 1954 film “The Dock”, a slurred bottomFool.This is not just a acting revolution, but a revolution of “who will be a hero” in the United States.As mentioned in the comments, Brando’s low-key impromptu speech is brilliant, and his magnetic and ambiguous voice is actually part of the “revolution”.”The new heroes are those who cannot fully express themselves (at least not in words), which is part of the beauty of their faltering, broken souls.”De Niro, Oldman, and Daniel Day Lewis'” uninhibited “lines are all good at playing” The Poor Street “and” Taxi Driver “.More than a decade later, when the new Hollywood generation of actors took shape, many of the actors who grew up under the Brando method aura were attracted by the characters who were at the edge and their “uninhibited” ways of speaking.Robert De Niro was the first to update Brando’s performance mysteries to the next generation.His attitude towards Brando is like a mixed challenge in the respect of Houlang to Qianlang.In the 1973 film “The Poor Street”, he interpreted the little man Joni with a broken mouth, wearing a pigskin hat and a wide tie, cuddling the arms of two young women forward.In the film, he is ready to run away as a kidnapper.Critics believe that this “spotty” image has gone beyond Brando’s methodological category, and De Niro just rightly completed his first great debut in Brando in the 1970s! Then De Niro played the retired soldier of the Vietnam War Travis in the 1976 film “Taxi Driver”. In the film, he was cynical and traumatic, but the most memorable shot was not his last “walk for the sky”It ‘s a killing ring, but it ‘s an immersive experience he muttered to the mirror and said, “You ‘re talking to me.”Stills from “The Open American Academy”, “Sid and Nancy” and “My Left Foot”.After De Niro, a wave of a new generation of “Brando Line Acting Skills” appeared, such as Sean Pan. His first brando show was played in the 1982 film “Open American Academy”.The playboy Jeff, the frivolous lines make the image a lot brighter; but in the 1983 film “Bad Boy”, the bad young Mick he played instead replaced the language with a wild attitude.Gary Oldman played the punk youth Sid in the 1986 film “Sid and Nancy”. With the neurotic and confused lines, he interpreted on the screen what is full bloom and self-destruction.It is a great performance that he can write into the history of film.Daniel Day Lewis has an upper social lineage and is a rare actor who combines Brando ‘s open-ended and Lawrence Oliver ‘s rigorous performance of dialectical aesthetics. In the 1989 film “My Left Foot”, he confirmed the genius of Day Lewis.Performance is definitely the essence of Brando’s method.He plays Kitty in a wheelchair and can hardly speak a single word, but Lewis perfectly portrays the character ‘s stubborn spirit and the richness of his inner world with his suffocation, pain, and teeth.With this film, he won the first Oscar performance trophy.When will Tom Hardy tear off the “murmured” label? British Mesozoic actor Tom Hardy was born in 1977. Regardless of age or line processing, he is like Brando ‘s grandson or great-grandson. In fact, heRelying on the ancestor Shang Yuyin can live a happy life, but he seems to think that he can completely start a new life.Stills of “Runaway Bronson”.As long as the audience pays attention, you will find that the role played by Hardy seems to have been muttering to himself.When Hardy played Bronson, Britain’s most notorious violent criminal in the 2008 film “Out of Control Bronson”, in addition to the frequent use of body language, the nervous murmur was also chilling.When he was raging in the underground black fist world, his poisonous words were like a whip, and he even torn the silent boxing champion Jack Lamota played by De Niro in “Angry Bull”.Stills of Batman: The Rise of the Dark Knight.Hardy played the masked villain Bain in the 2012 film “Batman: The Rise of the Dark Knight”, and Hardy again slammed with a mumbled voice, and some commented that Bain ‘s voice was evil诡异“甚至令《星球大战》中的达斯·维达都相形见绌,后者嗓音简直太小儿科,犹如‘机器猫’在卖萌。Although you do n’t understand what he ‘s talking about half the time, but . well, it ‘s cool! “Crazy Max: The Road to Rage” stills.In the 2015 movie “Crazy Max: The Road to Rage”, the role of Max in the first half, which basically had no lines, was basically tailored for Hardy, and the only line was also a “subwoofer” murmur.language.And it was this kind of madness in silence that made him take over the character characteristics of Mel Gibson ‘s version of Max ‘s ruthless words and shaped Max into a look that was like doing a lobectomy.Violent genius.Stills of “Venom”.Subsequently, Hardy played a cable TV journalist Eddie in the 2018 film “Venom”, but still trying to make his muttering sounds like a drunk.(That was before Eddie started sharing his body and brain with an alien monster).Stills of “Capone”.In the new film “Capone”, Hardy chose to use a low voice to interpret the legendary gang leader Al Capone. He has been muttering, and it sounds like his vocal cords are burnt.Hardy thinks he has the key to dealing with Capone’s voice-Capone never says funny things, and he doesn’t talk much about it, so this time Hardy will mutter again, but unfortunately the script’s birth defects and the director’s runaway rhythm, Making the film almost full of Capone’s whisper murmurs full of “incontinence” embarrassment.But Hardy still attributed his way of dealing with all mysterious characters to all kinds of self-talk.He is a hard-working actor. He is obsessed with using his own experience to shape the character. He believes that the expressive expression of the character set should be spoken by the character, but sometimes it is considered “not to speak human.”There are comments that this can be called the Brando School’s method of counter-proof, “Brando-style interpretation is inserted into human nature.”Stills of “Rock”.The controversy about Tom Hardy ‘s line of speech has always existed. However, it is very ironic that if you let Tom Hardy ‘s fans rank his performances according to their preferences, many people put them first.The film is the 2013 film “Rock”. This film is completely Hardy driving along the road at night, using a hands-free phone to talk to one person after another, and connecting a series of stories in a gentle tone. Hardy is so attracted to the performance and the skill of the lines is so good that after “Rock”, the audience even thought that he could play any role from Hamlet to aliens.Hardy seems to now firmly believe that even the meaningless dialogues or murmurs of the characters are his continuous creation of masculinity.Stills of “Dunkirk”.Tom Hardy, who lives in himself, does not seem to think that he is acting-not even that he is a living person on the screen-unless he is playing some rough barbarians who lack self-expression.The mumbling performance made him feel the pleasure of challenge.In the contemporary era, he is regarded as a serious performing artist, inheriting the style of the Brando method with more than conventional performance.The scientist’s extreme acting school did not even use lines in Dunkirk, but performing with his eyes is unforgettable.It’s not that we don’t like Tom Hardy. Among Mesozoic actors, he has his own acting style.But if he wants to break through his “murmur” talent, he needs to rejoin human society.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan editor Huang Jialing school against Chen Diyan