People Taken by the Light will be screened, Huang Bo said that he is more focused on emotions than A Good Show

“People Taken by the Light” will be screened, Huang Bo said that he is more focused on emotions than “A Good Show”
Sauna Night News (Reporter Zhou Huixiaowan) On November 15th, the realist love movie “The Man Who Was Taken by the Light” was released at the Beijing Classical Conference., Li Jiaqi appeared.During the event, a “People Left Behind by Light” version of this group of people with different conditions, but all of them were judged as “unloved” by the light, showed the emotional state of the people, and the creators were on the topic at the scene. “If there is a beam of light that will capture the person in love, do you want to accept the trial of this light? “The debate was opened, and the love view of the role played was interpreted for the first time.It is reported that the film will be released nationwide on December 13.The conference site.At the press conference, the main creators started talking about the topic of love as soon as they came on the scene. Huang Bo, who plays Wu Literature, said, “Love is never a clear thing. Just like we usually look in the mirror, you will not stare at your eyes for a long time.For more than a minute, it is difficult for us to really see our emotions.”When the host asked Tan Zhuo, she said:” My character Zhang Yan is definitely a face powder, because he and Huang Bo played the martial arts couple.”Huang Bo Li immediately grafted:” Yes, I am often awake by myself.”People Captured by Light” is called a bunch of magical lights that cover the city and capture all the people who love each other, while the people who are left have to explore the truth and face their own stories.The film uses a beam of light to define the boundary between love and unlove, pointing directly to the pain points of contemporary love problems and forcing those who are left into the “love vacuum zone.”Among the people left behind, the trust crisis between the couple Huang Bo and Tan Zhuo was about to happen; Wang Luodan embarked on a journey to find the truth of love when her husband did not know.The poster of Huang Bo ‘s character in The Man Who Was Taken by Light.The film, as the first release in the HB + U new director project initiated by Huang Bo, has long been highly anticipated by the outsider.Huang Bo said that the first part of the director’s plan is very important. It is first a facade. Dong Runnian has done a lot of great works before. The story itself is also very interesting. During the formulation process, we also discussed the characters in the play in depth.I was asked that “The Man Who Was Taken by the Light” was similar to the replacement of “A Good Show”. Is it a replacement of Huang Bo?When he was worried about this movie or the expectations of the market, Huang Bo admitted that there are many forms and similarities in the way, but this movie is more focused on emotion: “I met a good collaborator this time, justI have also caught up with this age, and I have deeper discussions about the characters in the play. After shooting, I also have a lot of feelings about life. Something worth thinking about must have resonance in its broad market and audience.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Wu Longzhen Proofreading Li Shihui