Li Liuyi’s new drama February invites well-known composer Chen Qigang as music director

Li Liuyi’s new drama “February” invites well-known composer Chen Qigang as music director
Newly produced by the National Grand Theater, directed by Li Liuyi, starred in Wang Wei, Lu Fang, etc. The drama of the same name “February”, adapted from the novels of the late writer and revolutionary martyr Rou Shi, will be held at the National University from January 15 to 22, 2020The theater staged.On December 11, the drama “February” held a press conference for the first round of performances. Zhao Tiechun, vice president of the National Grand Theater, director Li Liuyi, starring Wang Wei, Lu Fang, Huang Wei, Ou Ning, Wang Haowei, etc. attended the press conference.They shared the original intention and the highlights of the play.Director Li Liuyi made a debut with the main creative.”February”, which Niu Xiaobei is about to meet with the audience, is Rou Shi’s classic novel. The novel’s language is very poetic, and the text is succinct but profound.As a writer and a revolutionary martyr, Rou Shi was only 29 years old at the time of his sacrifice. During his short life, he kept working hard. His novels “February”, “The Mother of Slaves”, and the reportage “A Great Impression” areThe rare masterpiece during the Leftist League has a high sense of the times, artistic value and aesthetic characteristics. The French writer Roman Rowland was impressed by his works.Among these works, “February”, with its mature creative style and profound significance, lies in the position of Rou Shi in the modern Chinese literary world, and Lu Xun, who greatly appreciates the work, also made “Xiao Yin” for this purpose.The film “Early Spring February” (directed by Xie Tieli) based on the novel has become a classic masterpiece in the history of Chinese cinema.It is reported that the drama “February” reproduces the town of Furong written by Mr. Rou Shi in front of the audience. It shows the style of the left-wing literati through the life experience and sense of the times of the generation of intellectuals Xiao Jianqiu, and also reflects through Furong Town’s “Xanadu”The social phenomenon at that time.In order to better present this literary classic with a rich core, the National Grand Theater strongly invited drama director Li Liuyi to direct the play, which is also Li Liuyi’s second collaboration with the National Grand Theater after “Lear King”.In order to highlight the style of literati dramas faithfully in the original, the director deeply studied the literary works and ideological trends during the May 4th Movement period, while constantly revising the design of dance art, he also put forward high standards and strict requirements for the performance of actors, and strives to present on a simple and profound stageTo highlight the essence of actors’ performance.In the drama “February”, young actor Wang Wei will play Xiao Jianqiu. In addition to the performance, Wang Wei is on the stage playing a full set of piano performances created for the play, and actor Lu Fang plays Xiao Jianqiu in the play.Lovers Tao Lan.Wang Wei showed the piano fragments in the play.Niu Xiaobei actor Lu Fang.From the perspective of Li Liuyi, Niu Xiaobei said that the drama “February” has three main narrative lines: story, music, and crowd. Therefore, music will be an important part of the script. The script also specially invited composer Chen Qigang as music director.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Tian Ai Ni proofreading Lu Qian