Zhou Liang: Insurance company has become the second largest long-term institutional investor in China ‘s capital market

Zhou Liang: Insurance company has become the second largest long-term institutional investor in China ‘s capital market
On March 22, the State Council Office of Antiques responded to the impact of the international epidemic and maintained the stability of the financial market.Zhou Liang, deputy chairman of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, said the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission further increased and deepened the structural reform of the financial supply side and actively supported the expansion of direct financing.As we all know, there are two important aspects of the development of the capital market. One is the long-term stable source of funds, and the other is the need for a large number of healthy institutional investors.Insurance companies have now become the second-largest long-term institutional investors in China ‘s capital market, and our current surplus of insurance funds has reached 18.8 trillion, the scale of investment stocks and funds reached about 2 trillion, accounting for 10 of the surplus of insurance funds.8%.The following is Zhou Liang’s alternative when answering reporters’ questions.In China’s financing structure, direct financing has relative benefits, and indirect financing accounts for the bulk.In the next step, the bancassurance supervisory agency gradually deepened the financial supply-side structural reforms and actively supported the expansion of direct financing.As we all know, there are two important aspects of the development of the capital market. One is the long-term stable source of funds, and the other is the need for a large number of healthy institutional investors.Insurance companies have now become the second-largest long-term institutional investors in China ‘s capital market, and our current surplus of insurance funds has reached 18.8 trillion, the scale of investment stocks and funds reached about 2 trillion, accounting for 10 of the surplus of insurance funds.8%.Recently, the international financial market has fluctuated sharply, but overall, China’s stock market is relatively stable.In addition to our economic fundamentals, the China Securities Regulatory Commission also does some work. Next, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission will also actively support insurance companies to comply with market-oriented principles to conduct investment operations in accordance with laws and regulations, and maintain stable value investment for a long time.Under the principle of prudent supervision, the market-oriented reforms used have given insurance companies more autonomy.Insurance companies with relatively high solvency adequacy ratios and good asset matching conditions are allowed to increase the proportion of equity-type assets on the basis of the existing equity investment limit of 30%.Of course, this is based on good risk control.In addition, we appropriately and appropriately added financial management subsidiaries, established a perfect third pension support, actively supported direct financing, and worked hard to promote the long-term stable and healthy development of China’s capital market.Editor Yue Caizhou

People Taken by the Light will be screened, Huang Bo said that he is more focused on emotions than A Good Show

“People Taken by the Light” will be screened, Huang Bo said that he is more focused on emotions than “A Good Show”
Sauna Night News (Reporter Zhou Huixiaowan) On November 15th, the realist love movie “The Man Who Was Taken by the Light” was released at the Beijing Classical Conference., Li Jiaqi appeared.During the event, a “People Left Behind by Light” version of this group of people with different conditions, but all of them were judged as “unloved” by the light, showed the emotional state of the people, and the creators were on the topic at the scene. “If there is a beam of light that will capture the person in love, do you want to accept the trial of this light? “The debate was opened, and the love view of the role played was interpreted for the first time.It is reported that the film will be released nationwide on December 13.The conference site.At the press conference, the main creators started talking about the topic of love as soon as they came on the scene. Huang Bo, who plays Wu Literature, said, “Love is never a clear thing. Just like we usually look in the mirror, you will not stare at your eyes for a long time.For more than a minute, it is difficult for us to really see our emotions.”When the host asked Tan Zhuo, she said:” My character Zhang Yan is definitely a face powder, because he and Huang Bo played the martial arts couple.”Huang Bo Li immediately grafted:” Yes, I am often awake by myself.”People Captured by Light” is called a bunch of magical lights that cover the city and capture all the people who love each other, while the people who are left have to explore the truth and face their own stories.The film uses a beam of light to define the boundary between love and unlove, pointing directly to the pain points of contemporary love problems and forcing those who are left into the “love vacuum zone.”Among the people left behind, the trust crisis between the couple Huang Bo and Tan Zhuo was about to happen; Wang Luodan embarked on a journey to find the truth of love when her husband did not know.The poster of Huang Bo ‘s character in The Man Who Was Taken by Light.The film, as the first release in the HB + U new director project initiated by Huang Bo, has long been highly anticipated by the outsider.Huang Bo said that the first part of the director’s plan is very important. It is first a facade. Dong Runnian has done a lot of great works before. The story itself is also very interesting. During the formulation process, we also discussed the characters in the play in depth.I was asked that “The Man Who Was Taken by the Light” was similar to the replacement of “A Good Show”. Is it a replacement of Huang Bo?When he was worried about this movie or the expectations of the market, Huang Bo admitted that there are many forms and similarities in the way, but this movie is more focused on emotion: “I met a good collaborator this time, justI have also caught up with this age, and I have deeper discussions about the characters in the play. After shooting, I also have a lot of feelings about life. Something worth thinking about must have resonance in its broad market and audience.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Wu Longzhen Proofreading Li Shihui

When Tom Hardy plays Capone, when can he tear off the label of Mumbling?

When Tom Hardy plays “Capone”, when can he tear off the label of “Mumbling”?
Marlon Brando in Docklands and Tom Hardy in Capone.”Capone” played online on May 12, the film is full of nervous to insanitary muttering lines, which will definitely make Tom Hardy, who plays Capone, exult, this is his strong point.For example, the “Secretly Calling the Police Late in the Night” scene, Capone: “I’m looking for the police, I think I might be kidnapped, I don’t know what happened, but they have weapons in their hands . I’m not me anymore .What is my name?I do n’t know either . I do n’t know anyone here either, I do n’t know . it ‘s like this, I live on a farm . No, I ‘m not on the farm, it ‘s in a house!I don’t know how it happened . I have to hang up.”Tom Hardy plays” Mumbling “legendary gang leader Capone in the film” Capone “.If Marlon Brando’s ambiguity in processing lines is trying to experience and trying to find out “Am I talking?The clear reason behind; and then to Robert De Niro, the classic interpretation of the impromptu self-explanatory line “Are you talking to me?””, The character portrayal is vivid and natural; and to Tom Hardy, he seems to be immersed in the sense of alienation he deliberately created, unable to extricate himself, and tortured himself to the air,” Who am I talking to? “”Of course, the so-called answer is not important to him.Tom Hardy, the star of “Capone” and “Venom”, has been practicing the “Brando Method” acting, but maybe the role he plays is not good at expressing his feelings, so it leaves a freak impression on the audienceIf he can sometimes restrain the iconic “murmur” performance, he may be far more popular than he is now. In other words, he will return to humanity.>>> Tom Hardy’s new film “Capone” releases a preview, and the streaming media Brando is on May 12 is a “murmured” show line acting ancestor. In the 1950s, “murmured” thisThe word is fixed on the name Marlon Brando for several reasons.Brando began with his first movie, “The Boy’s Character” in 1950, and brought a new naturalistic mode of performance, Methodism, to Hollywood. This revolutionary approach not only changed the film, but also changed it.The whole world. Those who are accustomed to hearing every actor in the movie say their conversation out loud cannot understand what Brando is saying.Brando plays Terry Malloy in “The Wharf.”In addition, Brando also played some roles that had never appeared in Hollywood movies before-the most famous is Terry Malloy in the 1954 film “The Dock”, a slurred bottomFool.This is not just a acting revolution, but a revolution of “who will be a hero” in the United States.As mentioned in the comments, Brando’s low-key impromptu speech is brilliant, and his magnetic and ambiguous voice is actually part of the “revolution”.”The new heroes are those who cannot fully express themselves (at least not in words), which is part of the beauty of their faltering, broken souls.”De Niro, Oldman, and Daniel Day Lewis'” uninhibited “lines are all good at playing” The Poor Street “and” Taxi Driver “.More than a decade later, when the new Hollywood generation of actors took shape, many of the actors who grew up under the Brando method aura were attracted by the characters who were at the edge and their “uninhibited” ways of speaking.Robert De Niro was the first to update Brando’s performance mysteries to the next generation.His attitude towards Brando is like a mixed challenge in the respect of Houlang to Qianlang.In the 1973 film “The Poor Street”, he interpreted the little man Joni with a broken mouth, wearing a pigskin hat and a wide tie, cuddling the arms of two young women forward.In the film, he is ready to run away as a kidnapper.Critics believe that this “spotty” image has gone beyond Brando’s methodological category, and De Niro just rightly completed his first great debut in Brando in the 1970s! Then De Niro played the retired soldier of the Vietnam War Travis in the 1976 film “Taxi Driver”. In the film, he was cynical and traumatic, but the most memorable shot was not his last “walk for the sky”It ‘s a killing ring, but it ‘s an immersive experience he muttered to the mirror and said, “You ‘re talking to me.”Stills from “The Open American Academy”, “Sid and Nancy” and “My Left Foot”.After De Niro, a wave of a new generation of “Brando Line Acting Skills” appeared, such as Sean Pan. His first brando show was played in the 1982 film “Open American Academy”.The playboy Jeff, the frivolous lines make the image a lot brighter; but in the 1983 film “Bad Boy”, the bad young Mick he played instead replaced the language with a wild attitude.Gary Oldman played the punk youth Sid in the 1986 film “Sid and Nancy”. With the neurotic and confused lines, he interpreted on the screen what is full bloom and self-destruction.It is a great performance that he can write into the history of film.Daniel Day Lewis has an upper social lineage and is a rare actor who combines Brando ‘s open-ended and Lawrence Oliver ‘s rigorous performance of dialectical aesthetics. In the 1989 film “My Left Foot”, he confirmed the genius of Day Lewis.Performance is definitely the essence of Brando’s method.He plays Kitty in a wheelchair and can hardly speak a single word, but Lewis perfectly portrays the character ‘s stubborn spirit and the richness of his inner world with his suffocation, pain, and teeth.With this film, he won the first Oscar performance trophy.When will Tom Hardy tear off the “murmured” label? British Mesozoic actor Tom Hardy was born in 1977. Regardless of age or line processing, he is like Brando ‘s grandson or great-grandson. In fact, heRelying on the ancestor Shang Yuyin can live a happy life, but he seems to think that he can completely start a new life.Stills of “Runaway Bronson”.As long as the audience pays attention, you will find that the role played by Hardy seems to have been muttering to himself.When Hardy played Bronson, Britain’s most notorious violent criminal in the 2008 film “Out of Control Bronson”, in addition to the frequent use of body language, the nervous murmur was also chilling.When he was raging in the underground black fist world, his poisonous words were like a whip, and he even torn the silent boxing champion Jack Lamota played by De Niro in “Angry Bull”.Stills of Batman: The Rise of the Dark Knight.Hardy played the masked villain Bain in the 2012 film “Batman: The Rise of the Dark Knight”, and Hardy again slammed with a mumbled voice, and some commented that Bain ‘s voice was evil诡异“甚至令《星球大战》中的达斯·维达都相形见绌,后者嗓音简直太小儿科,犹如‘机器猫’在卖萌。Although you do n’t understand what he ‘s talking about half the time, but . well, it ‘s cool! “Crazy Max: The Road to Rage” stills.In the 2015 movie “Crazy Max: The Road to Rage”, the role of Max in the first half, which basically had no lines, was basically tailored for Hardy, and the only line was also a “subwoofer” murmur.language.And it was this kind of madness in silence that made him take over the character characteristics of Mel Gibson ‘s version of Max ‘s ruthless words and shaped Max into a look that was like doing a lobectomy.Violent genius.Stills of “Venom”.Subsequently, Hardy played a cable TV journalist Eddie in the 2018 film “Venom”, but still trying to make his muttering sounds like a drunk.(That was before Eddie started sharing his body and brain with an alien monster).Stills of “Capone”.In the new film “Capone”, Hardy chose to use a low voice to interpret the legendary gang leader Al Capone. He has been muttering, and it sounds like his vocal cords are burnt.Hardy thinks he has the key to dealing with Capone’s voice-Capone never says funny things, and he doesn’t talk much about it, so this time Hardy will mutter again, but unfortunately the script’s birth defects and the director’s runaway rhythm, Making the film almost full of Capone’s whisper murmurs full of “incontinence” embarrassment.But Hardy still attributed his way of dealing with all mysterious characters to all kinds of self-talk.He is a hard-working actor. He is obsessed with using his own experience to shape the character. He believes that the expressive expression of the character set should be spoken by the character, but sometimes it is considered “not to speak human.”There are comments that this can be called the Brando School’s method of counter-proof, “Brando-style interpretation is inserted into human nature.”Stills of “Rock”.The controversy about Tom Hardy ‘s line of speech has always existed. However, it is very ironic that if you let Tom Hardy ‘s fans rank his performances according to their preferences, many people put them first.The film is the 2013 film “Rock”. This film is completely Hardy driving along the road at night, using a hands-free phone to talk to one person after another, and connecting a series of stories in a gentle tone. Hardy is so attracted to the performance and the skill of the lines is so good that after “Rock”, the audience even thought that he could play any role from Hamlet to aliens.Hardy seems to now firmly believe that even the meaningless dialogues or murmurs of the characters are his continuous creation of masculinity.Stills of “Dunkirk”.Tom Hardy, who lives in himself, does not seem to think that he is acting-not even that he is a living person on the screen-unless he is playing some rough barbarians who lack self-expression.The mumbling performance made him feel the pleasure of challenge.In the contemporary era, he is regarded as a serious performing artist, inheriting the style of the Brando method with more than conventional performance.The scientist’s extreme acting school did not even use lines in Dunkirk, but performing with his eyes is unforgettable.It’s not that we don’t like Tom Hardy. Among Mesozoic actors, he has his own acting style.But if he wants to break through his “murmur” talent, he needs to rejoin human society.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan editor Huang Jialing school against Chen Diyan

Sports Morning News: Lei Wan finished his senior year in 14 minutes, Zhu Yanxi shot a three-pointer

Sports Morning News: Lei Wan finished his senior year in 14 minutes, Zhu Yanxi shot a three-pointer
Last night, the show was well-connected, and the victory was overwhelming.In the Champions League, Tottenham reversed their opponents when they were two goals behind; CBA Capital Derby, the Shougang men’s basketball team was 21 points behind, but at the last moment, the Northern Control .[European Champions League]Tottenham 4 to 2 reversal locks the qualifying place todayIn the morning, a focus game of Group B in the UEFA Champions League group competition began at the White Hart Lane Stadium. Tottenham reversed Olympiacos 4-2 at home and locked the group’s second qualifying.In this game, Tottenham trailed by two goals in the first 19 minutes and didn’t break the opponent’s goal until halftime stoppage time.Kane scored twice, Ali and Oliya scored goals, in the end, Tottenham defeated Olympiacos 4-2.Lewan broke the penalty.Levine set a record 14 minutes “Big Four” this morning, in the fifth round of the UEFA Champions League group B group, Bayern swept away the Red Star 6-0 in Belgrade, locking the top of the group.Goretzka scored a header and Lewan scored an invalid goal.In the second half, Lewan finished his senior year in 14 minutes, setting a record for a fast senior in the history of the Champions League.[CBA]Zhu Yanxi scored a three-point lore before the end of the game. Last night, the 10th round of the CBA regular season staged the “Beijing Derby” again. In the absence of Jeremy Lin, he relied on single foreign aid and the first three quarters gradually exceeded 21 points.Reverse the North Control 91 to 90.In this game, Zhu Yanxi became the key Mr. He hit a three-pointer in the final moment.In the first round of the regular season, the two sides played against each other. The Shougang team defeated the North Control team 87-79 at home.Zhu Yanxi celebrated wildly after completing the lore.Figure / Osports Xinjiang defeated Bayi at 120 to 100 at home last night. In the 10th round of the CBA regular season, Xinjiang team defeated Bayi at 120 to 100 at home.In this game, five people from Xinjiang team made a double-double. Among them, foreign aid Stokes scored 24 points and 20 rebounds, Zhou Qi 14 points and 7 rebounds, Abdul Salamu 14 points and 6 rebounds, Fan Ziming 19 points and 6 reboundsWith four rebounds and one assist, Tang Cai had 15 points.The two teams have played 34 times in history, and the Xinjiang team has 24 wins and 10 losses.Beijing News Editor Han Shuangming proofreads Wei Zhuo

Li Liuyi’s new drama February invites well-known composer Chen Qigang as music director

Li Liuyi’s new drama “February” invites well-known composer Chen Qigang as music director
Newly produced by the National Grand Theater, directed by Li Liuyi, starred in Wang Wei, Lu Fang, etc. The drama of the same name “February”, adapted from the novels of the late writer and revolutionary martyr Rou Shi, will be held at the National University from January 15 to 22, 2020The theater staged.On December 11, the drama “February” held a press conference for the first round of performances. Zhao Tiechun, vice president of the National Grand Theater, director Li Liuyi, starring Wang Wei, Lu Fang, Huang Wei, Ou Ning, Wang Haowei, etc. attended the press conference.They shared the original intention and the highlights of the play.Director Li Liuyi made a debut with the main creative.”February”, which Niu Xiaobei is about to meet with the audience, is Rou Shi’s classic novel. The novel’s language is very poetic, and the text is succinct but profound.As a writer and a revolutionary martyr, Rou Shi was only 29 years old at the time of his sacrifice. During his short life, he kept working hard. His novels “February”, “The Mother of Slaves”, and the reportage “A Great Impression” areThe rare masterpiece during the Leftist League has a high sense of the times, artistic value and aesthetic characteristics. The French writer Roman Rowland was impressed by his works.Among these works, “February”, with its mature creative style and profound significance, lies in the position of Rou Shi in the modern Chinese literary world, and Lu Xun, who greatly appreciates the work, also made “Xiao Yin” for this purpose.The film “Early Spring February” (directed by Xie Tieli) based on the novel has become a classic masterpiece in the history of Chinese cinema.It is reported that the drama “February” reproduces the town of Furong written by Mr. Rou Shi in front of the audience. It shows the style of the left-wing literati through the life experience and sense of the times of the generation of intellectuals Xiao Jianqiu, and also reflects through Furong Town’s “Xanadu”The social phenomenon at that time.In order to better present this literary classic with a rich core, the National Grand Theater strongly invited drama director Li Liuyi to direct the play, which is also Li Liuyi’s second collaboration with the National Grand Theater after “Lear King”.In order to highlight the style of literati dramas faithfully in the original, the director deeply studied the literary works and ideological trends during the May 4th Movement period, while constantly revising the design of dance art, he also put forward high standards and strict requirements for the performance of actors, and strives to present on a simple and profound stageTo highlight the essence of actors’ performance.In the drama “February”, young actor Wang Wei will play Xiao Jianqiu. In addition to the performance, Wang Wei is on the stage playing a full set of piano performances created for the play, and actor Lu Fang plays Xiao Jianqiu in the play.Lovers Tao Lan.Wang Wei showed the piano fragments in the play.Niu Xiaobei actor Lu Fang.From the perspective of Li Liuyi, Niu Xiaobei said that the drama “February” has three main narrative lines: story, music, and crowd. Therefore, music will be an important part of the script. The script also specially invited composer Chen Qigang as music director.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Tian Ai Ni proofreading Lu Qian

4 losing streak is not necessarily the end, I am afraid that the North Control will still have to lose

4 losing streak is not necessarily the end, I am afraid that the North Control will still have to lose
Marbury Mosaic’s biggest trough since coaching.Figure / Osports home team Lectra Zhejiang Guangsha team, the Beikong men’s basketball team entered the “devil schedule” in late November.In the face of this Friday’s away challenge to Xinjiang’s strong performance this season, last night’s “Beijing Derby” double play is particularly critical.However, the team failed to stop the decadence and suffered a four-game losing streak with a victory. However, everything is not over yet. The next game against Xinjiang team, the record of Beijing Control’s losing streak will have another chance.This season’s Xinjiang men’s basketball local rankings are luxurious: Zhou Qi and Xi Relijiang return, Abdul Salaam and Koranbak are in a hot state; Stokes has also returned to the team, and the overall combat effectiveness has been further improved.The Xinjiang team played against Guangdong and Shenzhen last season’s top four teams, and they all lost in a dramatic way, but they did not prevent their excellent form this season, not to mention their current home victory, Guangsha and Liaoning.The strong teams have not been able to win, and it is very difficult for the Beijing Basketball Team to end the losing streak in Urumqi.Even so, with Marbury’s disobedient personality, he will still prepare for the battle, so it is even more necessary for the players to prepare for the impact of the opponent.This week’s away challenge to the Sichuan team is very likely to be a turning point for the north control team to get out of the trough.For the big foreign aid Thompson, the outbreak in front of his old club is his best way to prove himself.The Sichuan team played against the Nanjing Tongxi team and the Tianjin team, both of which are currently ranked in the bottom five, and are all called winning.Although small foreign aid Fordson averaged 31 points per game.5 points, but only Li Yuanyu is a strong point for domestic players. As long as the Beijing Men’s Basketball Team can control the game in the first three quarters, there will be no mistakes in the last quarter, and it will not be a problem to win the game.After that, the team will play away against the Tianjin team, face the Shandong team at home, and challenge the Fujian team to return to the Olympic Sports Center to face the same team of the Guangzhou team.The opponent’s strength is not too strong. If you maintain a stable state, winning a five-game winning streak is not an impossible task.The key is how to adjust the remaining two away games this week, to improve strengths and tactics and avoid shortcomings at the same time, at the same time the whole team can not lose their fighting spirit, and must come up with a total of arduous determination.

New Captain Yu Dabao’s testimony: No leave for three years, no one can refuse the national football

“New Captain” Yu Dabao’s testimony: No leave for three years, no one can refuse the national football
The national football team continues to train in Guangzhou today. Yu Dabao, one of the “new” captains, said in an interview that he will take on the responsibilities of the national team together with the other two captains Hao Junmin and Zhang Linpeng.Li Tie’s first national football team did not have the name of the old captain Zheng Zhi, and the selection of the national football captain has always been the focus of outside attention.Earlier today, coach Li Tie determined that Hao Junmin, Yu Dabao, and Zhang Linpeng were elected new captains.Yu Dabao is one of the most experienced players in the national football team.Photo / Osports “Maybe I was chosen before I was old.”The feeling of being elected, Yu Dabao joked with reporters, he continued,” It may be that the three of us have been in the national team for a long time, and hope that we can take responsibility, because the goals of the national team are very important.Yu Dabao is 31 years old and has played for the national team since 2010. Fuxing has played 59 games and scored 19 goals.At the East Asian Cup of the Air Force, Yu Dabao and Li Tie cooperated for the first time as an apprentice, and Li Tie was appointed as the first captain of the national selection team.Like Yu Dabao, the other two captains are over thirty years old.The 32-year-old Hao Junmin put on the national team jersey in 2005 and has now played 80 games, scoring 12 goals.He is also the first choice for captains on the national football team after Zheng Zhi faded out of the national team.30-year-old Zhang Linpeng was a little surprised to be elected. In the battle, he scored the “own goal” against Syria in the top 40.He has played for the national team since 2009 and has played 79 games so far, scoring 5 goals.Being elected captain, pressure and responsibility coexist.Yu Dabao said frankly, the team needs more unity, and the old players need to bear the responsibility of communicating with the players, “explain the usual requirements of the coach to everyone.Whether it is training or life, it is extremely very important.”From the 2017 East Asian Cup to the Asian Cup last year, Yu Dabao rarely missed the national team’s game. He lamented that he had no holidays for 3 years.But after being summoned by the national team, there is no reason to refuse, “Everyone will go all out to come here.The recruitment of the national team is a lifetime honor, and no one can refuse.Said Yu Dabao.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Chen Diyan